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Joanna Doniger featured in the London Evening Standard


We just had journalist Lucy Tobin over to the Chelsea office to interview Joanna for the business section of the London Evening Standard. The half-page article begins with the perils of the post-Wimbledon clean-up…

Lucy Tobin interview for ES

Tennis fixer who serves up home help by Lucy Tobin

Just a couple of days after the world’s top tennis players packed up their rackets and sweat bands and swept out of town, Wimbledon Village is besieged by cleaners. They are scrubbing hundreds of houses in preparation for the return of their owners, sorting out the debris of endless meals of pasta, clearing up after one-too-many messy ice baths — and they’re all reporting to one woman.
Joanna Doniger owns Tennis London, a short-term lettings agency that specialises in renting “walk to the courts” private homes to the world’s top seeds like Wimbledon champion Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer and the Williams sisters. She works with scores of other players, sponsors, TV firms and sports agents. Read the full feature on the London Evening Standard website

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